Modi can never get anything right !!!

Modi can never get anything right !!!

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When the BJP appointed Yogi Adityanath no opportunity was let go to shout from the roof tops about how Modi has shown his true colors (read Saffron Hindu fundamentalist). It did not matter that, the Yogi was a Math graduate and that, he had many Muslims supporting him. Modi’s political opponents found a great opportunity to paint him anti-Muslim and making it look as though, UP was now being handed over to a Hindu monk to saffronise India’s most populous state.

It is possibly this warped mind set that, is the reason for BJP’s increasing popularity.

India has to become truly secular by that I mean India has to at the governmental level become completely indifferent to religion. The stress has to be on economic development and welfare without any religious bias.

Now look at the furore when Ram Nath Kovind’s name was announced as BJP’s candidate for the President’s post. The media headlines screaming that Modi had put up a “Dalit” candidate for electoral gains.

What interests are these people serving when they keep raising these old tattered political bogeys time and again? Is it not being unfair to Kovind to insinuate that, he will be president solely because he is a Dalit? Will they say that, the illustrious Dr Ambedkar got to where he was because he was a Dalit?

Kovind has practiced in the Supreme Court and is known to posses sound knowledge of the Indian Constitution. He is also known to have an excellent insight into Dalit affairs and has been a prominent but silent long time BJP organizational worker. He has had two stints in the Rajya Sabha and a final one as the Governor of Bihar.

The surprise in Kovind’s appointment could be a result of his silent dignified bearing which always kept him out of media limelight making him an “unknown”. However, Nitish Kumar’s remark that, “he is a good man” actually may be the most truthful reason for his nomination.

It is entirely to BJP’s credit (under Modi’s leadership) that, they have been able to beat the Opposition at their own game. The BJP is making it loud and clear that, its not a party of the upper classes, something which the Opposition and the media have worked very hard to portray. They will now have a “tea-boy” as the Prime Minister and a Dalit farmer’s son as the President of India. The New BJP is “inclusive” and “pro-growth”. It is fighting hard to stem corruption and introducing reforms especially like the GST ; even at the risk of temporary economic set backs. The New BJP wants to show that, it is a party which treats everyone equally and wants to break down the vote banks.

However, there is very little in the media to credit the BJP and Modi for this – possibly because most this is severely disturbing the status quo which has benefited the establishment of the past 60 years.

The BJP under Modi’s leadership may well be on its way to become India’s first broad based, non-pseudo secularist party.

Kovind who has risen from humble beginnings and worked for social upliftment. He is one of those few who has donated his ancestral property to his village school. Not many know that, he gave up a career in the administrative service to become a social and political worker.

Lets  celebrate Kovind’s success by giving him credit for his achievements and not belittle him by highlighting the fact that, he is a Dalit. As for Modi, I  am sure he has by now accepted that, he will never be right !!








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