What has R D Burman got to do with financial planning?

What has R D Burman got to do with financial planning?

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This weekend, I had managed to avoid muggy Mumbai by escaping to Sula Vineyards at Nashik. Click here  I can now finally get it off my weekend getaway list.

It’s very important that I take regular breaks from Mumbai lest I forget what it means to breathe clean air and listen to birds chirping instead of our ever-honking traffic.

“The Source at Sula” is what their boutique hotel is called; a good resting place for the night. Although, the next time I can pull myself there, I may choose to go midweek so as to avoid the weekend crowds.

What makes this place special though, are its “wine tasting lessons” and “wine tour”. It’s a great place for us Indians to get initiated to the fine art of knowing and drinking wine; without having to spend a fortune in travel to wine districts of France (However, I am told that, its not a patch on the scale, ambiance and standards but I guess its good enough for an occasional wine drinker like me).

At least the next time I am traveling overseas on business, I will know how to hold my wine glass and that, sparkling wine is not to be swirled).

On our drive, up to Nashik from Mumbai we had soaked in R D’s music and in the evening, all the talk continued to revolve around, that great Hindi film music maestro R D Burman who would have been 78 years, had he been living today.Click here (to know about R D Burman)

Legend goes that, when he died, it was two hours before his body could be claimed because there was no money to pay for his hospital bills.

Whilst I cannot vouch for this story, but the documentary on Netflix,  Click here  – “Pancham Unmixed” does show a very sad ending to this illustrious genius’s life.  

The bean counter in me cannot understand, how a person who had achieved so much professional success could leave himself open to such a disastrous retirement or being so utterly unprovided for during professional lows.

On the drive back to Mumbai, I could not help pondering on how important it was for everyone (including the super successful geniuses) to achieve financial independence and plan for a happy retirement . The party has to end someday and when happens, it will not matter if you were salaried, self-employed, genius or celebrity.

It was just the other day when there was this newspaper story on “Boom Boom Boris” (Becker), the ice cool 6-time tennis grand slammer, having been declared bankrupt by a British Court (he is only 49 years of age). I wondered how on earth could a man who had made almost $ 63 MN from the game get snowed under debt? Not understanding one’s limitations and unrealistic aspirations; I guess.

Today one does not need to look hard to see that, younger Indians have set aside their parents’ frugality and savings habits.

Our millennials don’t think twice before swiping their credit cards at the nearest pub or availing loans to go on an overseas holiday. They want to “enjoy now and pay later”. Savings are passé because they say, “we live in the present”. We all want to mimic the Americans.

The lives of R D Burman and Boris Becker, were the result of such bohemian living. Even these legendary people who had the world at their feet, could not hold on to success for long – so what with ordinary mortals like us.

Technological advances have reduced job spans whilst increasing life spans. It has never been more important for the millennials to take up life and financial planning; more than it ever was for their parents or grandparents. Well if they don’t wish to benefit from conventional wisdom, they should at least engage with a professional life and financial planner and take on the responsibility for their own financial well being. Returning home cannot be a responsible plan.

I am not sure any one is listening !


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2 Replies to “What has R D Burman got to do with financial planning?”

  1. Hi Sir! Greetings do the day, it’s indeed a read worth spending time for over 95% of India .,. Financial literacy and awareness continues to be a huge challenge for even a B.Tech, MBBS, IAS, IPS and who not. We, at AWOKE India Foundation.com discovered this during our 100 + awareness programs last year for various segments of society across India. We look forward to your valuable inputs and guidance on our efforts to give back this life skill in most simple and easy to implement way.

  2. why can not this (present) generation understand that whether in the past/present or future the eating is through the mouth and the other job is at the bottom and this will never change.Why many youngsters decry everything that our elders did. Young men think old men are fools BUT the old men know that young men are fools !

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