Goals 104 : Create your future : Identify and Articulate your Goals

Goals 104 : Create your future : Identify and Articulate your Goals

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Here are some more examples:

  • To be a good son, husband, parent, grand parent, brother and friend. Professionally, always give my best as an employee, leader, coach and mentor.
  • Be rich and famous
  • Lead a simple and contented life, in search of spiritual enlightenment
  • Strive to be healthy in mind, body and spirit whilst seeking success and wealth

Congratulations !! You have completed what many believe to be the most challenging part.

Well in the event you are not too happy with the outcome, HERE’S A GREAT TOOL TO HELP YOU DEVELOP YOUR VISION STATEMENT FROM SCRATCH : CLICK HERE for FranklinCovey’s VISION STATEMENT MAKER

In the “Personal” section, this tool follows an introspective path to creating your mission statement – by asking thought provoking questions that help you uncover your core values and the boundary for your life plan. You can then progress to your values and re frame the statement. However, once you have got the statement from this tool, you can always polish it up to get the final version for your “Life Plan”.

CLICK HERE for Sheet 1 – Identify your Goals and list them here in your hand writing

Don’t worry about the limitations – just go for whatever you believe is that you want to make out of your life. Reach out for the PEAK !

CLICK HERE for Sheet 2 – Prioritize the Goals identified in Sheet 1 (hand write them)

Ideally one would pick the Top 3 priorities, however, you could take up more – Hey – Its your Life after a

CLICK HERE for Some Examples of Goals

CLICK HERE for Sheet 3 to develop S.M.A.R.T Goals

CLICK HERE for Sheet 4 Boosters-Downers-Gratuities

This is an interesting exercise in understanding yourself so, don’t skip filling it out.

It is always recommend that, you develop a SUMMARY LIFE PLAN and sign it as a commitment to yourself – MAKE A CONTRACT WITH YOURSELF.

Also share it with the people who you care for and are motivators. If already married, your spouse should have been involved through the process of Life Planning. This way both of you will become accountable.

CLICK HERE for Sheet 5 – Summary Life Plan

Your LIFE PLAN is all about the FUTURE and don’t get bogged down in the past.

Remember that, your Life Plan should be reviewed at least once a year because it should be adapted to changes as you progress in life .

Try and find yourself a good coach and mentor to help you with it.


Finally, its important to visualize your goals – psychologists recommend that, we find pictures to represent our goals and put them up in places where can see them frequently e.g. on your mirror and over your study table, etc.

Also remember to go through your Life Plan every week so you don’t forget the goals and review the progress made.

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