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So what can my readers expect from this blog?                                                            

Well, it will lean towards “personal finance and life planning”. *

But, there will also be articles on current geopolitical, economic and other developments; which in my view may impact our environment and therefore, our life goals and plans for the future.

This quote almost entirely describes my personal finance and life planning philosophy.

This blog is especially for beginners (in their earning lives) and for those people like me; whose interests go beyond pouring over balance sheets, Excel spreadsheets and talking with stock brokers about the next multi-bagger. It is surely not meant for those looking for some “get rich quick” ideas (because I am totally convinced there aren’t any out there).

Naturally, I intend going heavily short on theories and jargon and will focus on encouraging my readers see beyond the fog which seems to engulf this subject considering that, most of what we read is more often than not written by or for those in the business.

At the same time, every blog should also be its author’s personal space to write about things which may catch his (or her) attention from time to time and he believes may interest his readers .

We live in interesting times and before the waves of innovation and change settle down, very little in our lives may have gone untouched. It is for me, becoming increasingly difficult to resist initiating a discussion around these events. Observe – think – research – write – learn – ponder – unlearn – ……..  is a virtuous cycle that not only imparts me conceptual clarity but also helps me communicate better.

I have no literary pretensions and all that I seek though this Blog is to get across the lessons I learnt in “practical personal finance” across to my readers effectively.

I do hope my readers enjoy reading this blog and look forward to their comments and discussions.

* This is not a financial advisory service and nor does it sell any products. Readers should discuss their specific needs with advisors registered with relevant regulators.

* Whilst all comments and criticism are welcome, comments  may not always get a response. I also reserve the right to moderate and delete any comment in part or full and to delete any hyper-links. 

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